How to find us

Abiding Presence Lutheran Church

4 Trescott Path Fort Salonga, NY 11768

P| 631-269-6454

F| 631-269-3425

General Driving Directions to APLC (to download or print): click here

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Office hours:

9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday (September through June)

9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday (June through August) 

Abiding Presence Preschool

P| 631-269-4898

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Our Team

  • reverend robert schoepflin


    631-269-6454 ext. 12

  • reverend dr. toby l. tobias

    Pastoral Associate

  • Mr. gavin schwen


  • ms. kathy pucci


  • dr. tom zatorski

    Organist and Director of Music

  • Ms. Karen Schifellite

    APLC Director of Youth and Christian Education

  • ms. debra nicholas

  • mr. tom peel

    Building & Grounds

  • Chris Pitfick

    Vice-President, APLC Church Council

  • mR. brian Forberg

    Youth, APLC Church Council

  • Nicole Redden

    Fellowship, APLC Church Council

  • ms. Cindy Ansink

    Secretary, APLC Church Council

  • Cyndi Nichols

    Social Ministry, APLC Church Council

  • Mr. greg johnson

    Christian Education, APLC Church Council

  • Sandy Richards

    Worship and Music, APLC Church Council

  • Mr. Jeff smith

    Evangelism, APLC Church Council

  • Mr. Paul Farber

    Stewardship, APLC Church Council

  • Steven Hannwacker

    Property, APLC Church Council

  • Lauri Christiansen Wegener

    Treasurer, APLC Church Council

  • Colleen Mackenzie Doino

    Finance, APLC Church Council

  • Mr. Mark Waldron

    Assistant Treasurer, APLC Church Council

  • ms. karen garone

    Assistant Treasurer, APLC Church Council

Emergency Closings

During the winter months, in the event of snow or inclement weather, news regarding cancellation of confirmation classes, adult classes, choir rehearsals, meetings, and all other activities will be posted on this website, on our Facebook page, and placed on our voice mail telephone system.

You can always call the church office at 631-269-6454 during the day if you are inquiring about evening events.

Only cancellations will be noted. If a scheduled activity is not cancelled, no special notice will be posted.