Abiding Presence Lutheran Church

Church Office: 631-269-6454

School Office: 631-269-4898


Ministers - The People of God

Pastor - The Reverend Robert Schoepflin

Pastoral Associate - The Reverend Dr. Toby L. Tobias

+Pastor Emeritus - The Reverend Raymond H. Birkel+

Pastor Emeritus - The Reverend Ronald W. Wickey

Seminary Fieldworker - Ms. Jean Dougherty

Deacon - Ms. Kathy Pucci

Deacon - Mr. Gavin Schwen

Organist and Director of Music - Dr. Thomas Zatorski

Soloist - Ms. Lisa Pecchio

Director of Youth and Christian Education - Ms. Karen Schifellite; ext. 10

Parish Secretary - Ms. Debra Nicholas

Preschool Director - Ms. Julia McLaughlin; ext. 23

DURING THE WINTER MONTHS, IN THE EVENT OF SNOW OR INCLEMENT WEATHER please check the website, our Facebook page at Abiding Presence Lutheran Church – Ft. Salonga, NY or telephone the main church number 631-269-6454 for cancellations or schedule changes.  





Welcome to Abiding Presence Church,

Our church is a community of faith that shares a passion for making positive changes in our community and in the world. Our faith is built around a strong belief in God as made known to us in Jesus Christ. Through worship, service, and education, we practice our faith, grow in our relationship with God and experience God's grace in our lives.

We gladly welcome you to join our community of faith regardless of age, race, or status in life. If you are unfamiliar with our church and are interested in learning more about our parish,  please contact us at 631-269-6454 and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.  You can also visit the events page here for Abiding Presence Church News and upcoming events. 

Our preschool provides a safe and educationally stimulating environment for children ages two to five to grow, to learn, and to develop physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. More information about our preschool can be found on this page.  

Please join us in person or online as we live stream worship each Sunday at 9:00 am here on our YouTube channel. In person Sunday School is held concurrently. Visit this page for Sunday School information and enrollment.  Holy Communion is distributed outside from 10 am - 10:30 am for those who worship virtually. Monday evening in person worship is held at 7:30 pm. Sermon videos and bulletins for worship can be viewed on this page.   

Our worship schedule and Bible study with links to join and bulletins for worship can be found below and here on our worship page.  All are welcome! Zoom links and bulletins are uploaded prior to their scheduled date.

God bless you and keep you safe and well,

Pr. Schoepflin

Wednesday Morning Bible Study via Zoom

January 19 / 10:30am

Join via Zoom here.

In person Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday, January 23 / 9:00pm

Live stream via YouTube here.

In person Monday Evening Worship

Monday, January 24 / 7:30pm

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study via Zoom

Saturday, January 29 / 8:00am

Women's Bible Study via Zoom

(Every other Thursday)

Join via Zoom here.

In person Taize Worship and Prayer Service

Friday, February 4 / 7:00pm

 Live stream via YouTube here.


Contribute Here

At Abiding Presence, we depend on the generous support of members and friends for our ministry. Did you know that you can contribute through our online giving program? Visit this page for more information.

You can also choose to have your contribution sent directly from your bank as a one time, or a recurring contribution saving you time and postage. Simply add the congregation’s name and address on the “add payees” page of your online banking site, and your bank will send a check directly to Abiding Presence. As a benefit to the Church, it helps provide an even cash flow throughout the year helping the church more effectively and easily meet budget goals and manage expenses. 

Thank you to those who have been mailing in their offering envelopes while we have not been able to meet for worship! It is greatly appreciated since our bills must still be paid during this time. We appreciate your faithful support of our Parish. 

Altar Dedications

Sanctuary Candles, Candles of Grace, Altar Flowers and Communion Elements may be dedicated each week. The dedication may be “In Loving Memory of...” or “In Honor/Celebration of...” and will be shown in print in the bulletin of the Sunday you requested.

Altar Flowers -$40.00

Candles of Grace - $20.00

Sanctuary (Vigil) Candle - $15.00

Wine and Bread - $15.00

Please email your request to nicholas.debbie@yahoo.com or call the church office at 631-269-6454 ext.11.

Jennifer Paternostro Memorial Scholarship Fund

If you would like to make a donation, we are establishing a…


Jennifer Paternostro Scholarship Award


…for King Park High School. We will be awarding this scholarship each year at the Senior Awards Ceremony for a student entering college majoring in the helping professions.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a check or money order out to:

Abiding Presence Lutheran Church.

Please mail your donation to:

Abiding Presence Lutheran Church

Jennifer Paternostro Scholarship Fund

4 Trescott Path

Fort Salonga, New York  11768

Online donations can also be made on this page

Please include “Jennifer Paternostro Scholarship Fund”

in the memo line.

APLC Scholarship Fund

Through a generous gift of Erwin Zimmermann in memory of Bill Atkinson, a scholarship fund has been established at Abiding Presence. Bill’s sister, Martha Haynes, also made a gift to the fund in memory of her brother. The fund is not intended to be a memorial for Bill Atkinson only. Gifts to the fund may be made in memory or in honor of your loved ones, or just in thanksgiving to God. The standards and amounts of scholarships have yet to be established, but applications will be open to students from Abiding Presence, Trinity Wyandanch and St. Andrew Ellsworth Maine. If you would like to make an online donation to the APLC Scholarship Fund, please visit this page. Be sure to indicate APLC Scholarship Fund in the comments.

APLC Good Shepherd Hall

Air Conditioning Fund

Through a generous memorial gift from one of our families, we have established a fund to install air conditioning in Good Shepherd Hall. Having air conditioning in our fellowship hall (the only area of the church not currently with air conditioning) will make its use during the summer months more pleasant for us, and will enable outside groups to rent it for events during those hot months. A generous donor has made a pledge to match up to $5,000 of additional gifts made to the fund. Gifts to the fund may be made in memory or honor of loved ones, or just to the glory of God. Online contributions can be made here.


Dear Friends in Christ,

A new season is upon us, and as the COVID-19 crisis and the Delta variant continue to threaten the well-being of our communities, it is in the best interest for all of us to proceed with caution and care.

It is the official recommendation of my office — for our ordained ministers, lay leaders, and congregations — to continue monitoring and following the Considerations for Communities of Faith from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While this information remains the same and has not changed in the past few months, it is still accurate and relevant.

Since we cannot be certain that everyone who enters the doors of our congregations is vaccinated, it is crucial that we continue to follow these practices:

• Require masks for all in-person gatherings.

• Worship outdoors whenever possible.

• Enforce social distancing.

• Have sanitizer available for all congregants and encourage its use.

• Require masks for those singing.

Please also recommend that all members of your congregation and community get vaccinated, unless otherwise advised by a physician.

Further guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated can be found here. For congregations based in N.Y.C., please note that churches are excluded from the Key to NYC vaccine mandate. However, since there may be those who are not vaccinated in our communities, it is in everyone’s best interest to proceed with a great deal of prudence.

Let us remember that the well-being and safety of all our members is the priority of our mission, upholding the Gospel. While we continue to traverse this pandemic, let us remain attentive and informed as we continue to be Church TOGETHER. We commit to staying up-to-date on the guidelines from the CDC and New York State, and keeping you informed.

As I mentioned before, we are grateful for your ministry, compassion, thoughtful decision-making, and educated leadership during this crisis. We know how difficult it is to provide worship, pastoral care, and other enriching experiences at this time with such physical limitations, but I can say with gratitude and joy that we are witnessing the work of God in each of our congregations and the work you do.

May we continue to be Church TOGETHER!

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Paul Egensteiner

Abiding Presence Lutheran Church

A growing congregation. 

A loving community.

Gathered by Christ.

Growing in faith.

Sent to serve.

All are welcome!