Through worship, service, and education, we practice our faith, grow in our relationship with God and experience God's grace in our lives.

At Abiding Presence, we give thanks to God for 60 years of ministry in this community and commit ourselves to carrying this ministry forward in the name of Jesus as the Spirit leads us.

Every service that we livestream is kept here on our YouTube channel and on this page of our website

for future viewing.

Monday Evening Worship

7:30am/In person

Download the bulletin here.

Wednesday Morning Lenten Worship and Holy Communion

Our theme this year is "Guided to The Cross"

  February 28, March 6, March 13, March 20

10:30am/In person

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

We will be reading “The Day Christ Died,” by Jim Bishop.

11:00am during Lent/In person

Wednesday Evening Lenten Potluck Supper


Wednesday Evening Lenten Worship and Holy Communion

Our theme this year is "Guided to The Cross"

February 28, March 6, March 13, March 20

7:30pm/In person and Livestream via YouTube here.

Taize Worship

Taize is evening prayer for all Christians. It is a simple meditative form of worship, calling us to dwell on Christ’s presence within and around us. Prayerful silence, music, and short readings guide the focus of prayer in a calming candle-lit environment.

Friday, March 1

7:00pm/In person and Livestream via YouTube here.

Download the bulletin here.

Men's Breakfast and Bible Study

Saturday, March 2

8:00am/In person at Abiding Presence Church (Good Shepherd Hall)

Sunday Worship/Sunday School

The third covenant in this year’s Lenten readings is the central one of Israel’s history: the gift of the law to those God freed from slavery. The commandments begin with the statement that because God alone has freed us from the powers that oppressed us, we are to let nothing else claim first place in our lives. When Jesus throws the merchants out of the temple, he is defending the worship of God alone and rejecting the ways commerce and profit-making can become our gods. The Ten Commandments are essential to our baptismal call: centered first in God’s liberating love, we strive to live out justice and mercy in our communities and the world.

9:30am/In person and Livestream via YouTube here.